What You Will Need

  1. A Searchie account

  2. An idea for a digital product that you want to create

Step 1 - Understand the use case

A Searchie Hub allows you to build a platform to host, sell and deliver a digital product.

Building a Hub involves adding content into your Hub, customizing it, and configuring your settings based on the digital product you're looking to deliver to your audience.

Step 2 - Create your Hub

To create a new Hub, head to the Hubs tab of your Searchie account and select from the list of available Hub templates or click ➕Start from Scratch to name and create your Searchie Hub. To see the entire list of available Hub templates click See All Templates.

Step 3 - Edit your Hub's settings

Access the Settings menu from your Hub's dashboard.

The Settings menu is where you can set the privacy of your Hub, toggle different Hub options on or off, add a custom domain, optimize SEO and customize your Hub emails.

Step 4 - Access your Hub Editor

After customizing your Hub's branding and settings, it's time to open your Hub Editor in order to populate your Hub with content.

Access your Hub Editor from your Hub's Dashboard by clicking Customize.

Step 5 - Customize your Hub's appearance

The Hub Appearance menu includes customization options such as your Hub’s colours, fonts, and logo. For more information on the customization options, see our article about customizing your Hub menu.

Step 6 - Add content into your Hub

Once inside your Hub Editor, you can add content into your Hub by navigating to the Content tab and clicking ➕Add Content.

From here, you can create a new Playlist for your Hub or import an existing content from your Library. Playlists are used to group content of a similar nature together. This includes modules, deliverables, and series.

If you don't currently have any content, you can also use the Searchie Screen Recorder to record video content directly into your Searchie Hub.

Step 7 - Build out your Hub using Sections

We recommend building your Hub out page by page, starting with your Home page.

To add content to your Home page, click ➕Add Section to pick a Hub section for the content that you’d like to add. See our Hub Sections overview for more information on what you can build with each type of Hub section.

Hub sections will be added, edited, deleted, and customized using the left hand menu of your Searchie Hub. How the Hub Section actually looks will be reflected on the right side of the screen in the Hub preview window.

Once you’ve edited the content on your Home page, you can select another page to edit, or create a new page and edit the new page.

Continue adding and customizing Hub sections until the content for your Hub has been added.

OPTIONAL Step 7b - Restrict access to specific content

If you don't want all of your audience members to have access to everything inside your Hub, you can restrict access to specific Sections using Audience Segments.

Audience Segments allow you to group specific Audience Profiles together based on different conditions. These Segments help you organize and control who is able to see what content inside of your Searchie Hub.

You can attach Segments to Hub Sections and Hub menu items. Doing so will only allow that section to be viewed by the audience members that are a part of the Segment.

We've listed several different use cases when you could tailor your Hub content in this article.

Step 8 - Share your Hub with your audience

With your Hub being built out, full of content and customized for a unique content experience, all that is left to do is share your Hub with your audience.

Both Private and Public Hubs can be shared with your audience using the Hub URL found on on the Hubs page in your account.

There are several different ways to grant your audience access to your Hub. The process you choose is dependent on whether your Hub is free or paid, whether you have more than one tier inside of the same Hub, and what other platforms you're using in your business.

Check out this article for an overview of all the different ways that you can grant access to a private Hub.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Register for a free account at academy.searchie.io/register for video tutorials on how to create and launch your program using Searchie Hubs.

  2. Add a custom domain to your Hub.

  3. If your Hub is set to private, check out our article covering the different ways you can grant Hub access.

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