What You Will Need

  1. A private Searchie Hub

Step 1 - Make sure the Hub is set to Private

Inside of your Hub settings, under the Privacy dropdown, confirm the Private toggle is turned on.

Step 2 - Access the Audience tab

Click the Audience tab from your account's navigation bar.

Step 3 - Add a new Audience Member

Once inside the Audience tab, you'll want to click the Audience icon in the top-right corner of your screen. This will open up a dropdown where you can select the Add Person option.

Step 4 - Fill in Audience details

Enter the audience member's details in the form. The name and email fields are required while the phone number is optional. Audience members will log in to your Hub platform using the email you assign them.

Step 5 - Grant access to your Hubs for the new Audience Member

By clicking the Access option in the form above, you are able to configure permissions of which Hubs you'd like to be accessible to this Audience you are adding. Once you're done configuring their access, click Add Person at the bottom of the form. You can check the Welcome email notification box at the bottom of the list of Hubs to send an email to the Audience Member that will redirect them to your Hub.

You can adjust these access permissions by clicking the three ellipses on the Audience Member's profile from your Audience list, then selecting the Access option from the pop-out menu.

Now you will be able to grant access to multiple Hubs, resend Welcome Emails and impersonate audience members.

Step 6 - Resending access to your Hub with a Welcome Email

If your audience misses the email or the Welcome email notification box is not checked when you add the new Audience Member to your account, you can resend access to the Hub with a Welcome Email.

Head into the Audience Member's Access page, shown below.

From here, find the Hub you would like to resend the email for and select Send email.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Analyze the consumption habits of your audience

  2. Add a Custom Domain to your Private Hub

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