What You Will Need

  1. A Searchie Hub

  2. Some content inside of the Hub

Accessing Your Hub's Appearance Menu

Setting your Hub’s colours, adjusting your Hub’s font and editing your Hub’s menu are all key settings that you can toggle on and off in your Hub’s appearance menu.

The Appearance tab is located inside the Hub Editor. Click on Appearance to launch your Hub Appearance menu.

Once inside your Appearance menu, you can click to customize your Hub's:


The Colors menu allows you to customize the primary and secondary colours that make up the main colours of your Hub.

The Page Background option allows you to change the main background to a Light or Dark style theme. The Custom option allows you to set a custom background and text color.

NOTE: When choosing between the light or dark theme be sure to check that the other colors in your Hub are still visible.


The Typography menu allows you to customize the fonts used for your Hub headings and body text. From here you can also customize your Content Labels.


The Logos menu allows you to upload a Hub logo and Favicon to display next to your Hub name in internet browser tabs.


The Theme menu allows you to customize whether or not you want specific file information to show for your audience such as Audience Progress and Activity and File meta data. You can also customize your Media Page layout and add Custom CSS (only on the Business plan).

Buttons & Images

The Buttons & Images menu allows you to make Hub-level changes to the appearance of your Hub Buttons and Images. Toggle between the options to add borders, corner radiuses and dropshadows.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Invite Audience members to your Hub

  2. Automate the delivery of content to the Hub with Playlists

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