What You Will Need

  1. To be logged in to Searchie

  2. A media file from an external source ready to be processed (Zoom, Facebook, Wistia, etc.)

NOTE: This is only relevant for media files that have come into Searchie from another platform. When uploading a file from your computer or recording through the Extension, you will not need to take the steps below.

Step 1 - Find the media file to process

Locate the file you'd like to process inside of one of your Folders.

Step 2 - Add Media

Once you've found an unprocessed file (greyed out and faded), you can click Import to process it. This will generate a transcription, add captions, and ready your media for embedding or sharing.

Step 3 - Check Notifications

After the video has finished processing, you'll receive a notification in the notifications tab that the file is transcribed and ready for searching.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Move the file to another Folder

  2. Build a Playlist

  3. Embed or share the media anywhere

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