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Embed Searchie content into Kajabi

Embed your Searchie content anywhere in Kajabi that supports source code

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. A Kajabi Account and Website

  2. A Kajabi Product

  3. A Searchie Widget, Player or Playlist

Step 1 - Grab your embed code from Searchie

Head into your Searchie account to grab the embed code for your Searchie file, Playlist or Widget. You can access your content's embed code through the Share menu.

From your Share menu, click Embed to view your code. Copy the code shown on your own screen.

NOTE: If you wish to embed a Searchie widget into your Kajabi course, you can grab the embed code via the apps page, see this article.

Step 2 - Access your Product and Post

Sign in to your Kajabi account and click to open the Products. Select the Product you'd like to embed your Searchie content into.

From your product overview screen, select the Module/Resources/Post where you'd like to add your Searchie content.

Step 3 - Paste your embed code

Inside the edit Post view, scroll down to where you see the Body section and click on the Source Code button. This is where you can add the code from Searchie. 🚀

Paste in your embed code.

Step 4 - Check functionality and presentation

The final step will be to check how it looks on your page! Hit Save in the top right to confirm the embedded content, then click Preview.

Now you can see how your content would look on your live site. You’re all set to start blowing your audience’s mind with fully searchable media.😎


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