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Edit the timing of your transcriptions

Change the timestamps of transcript paragraphs to adjust the speed of subtitles


🧰 What You Will Need

  1. Uploaded media

  2. Know where to find the Transcript Editor

Step 1 - Access the Transcript Editor for your file

Click the dropdown on the file you wish to edit the transcript timings for and select Edit Transcript. You can check out this article if you need more detailed instructions on accessing the Transcript Editor.

Step 2 - Adjust the timestamps

Click on the timestamps and enter new values as you see fit. You will need the transcripts to "sync up" so that the ending timestamp of one paragraph does not exceed the beginning timestamp of the next paragraph.

HINT: Listen to the audio of your media and note where the last word of the paragraph is mentioned. Adjust the ending timestamp of that paragraph accordingly, but be careful with making too many changes here. We recommend only making changes to the transcription timing when making large edits to the transcription itself.

Step 3 - Save your changes

Click Save before exiting the editor.


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