Searchie Webinar: Create a tailored member’s experience in Searchie

Unlock opportunities to control who sees what in your Hub with Audience Segments

In this webinar, Will and Paulina from Team Searchie will walk you through how you can control who sees what inside of your Searchie product using Segments. Click Play ▶️ to get started!


  • Learn how Searchie online platform eliminates manual processes of organizing, managing, and selling digital content.
  • Create a digital product quickly and easily with Searchie’s Hub templates. Select between course, membership, podcast, and coaching program templates with unique colours and designs.
  • Access our 'Plan It, Build It' workshop to map out and construct your content effortlessly all the way to building your dream membership or your dream course
  • Enhance the aesthetic and ambiance, and design dynamically with Canva Integration.

📚 Up Next

  1. Check out templates and look for updates